Ten Melbourne doctors have an urgent warning for the Premier, saying the lockdown is causing mental “anguish and despair” in children. Camberwell GP Stacey Harris is one of those doctors and she spoke with 7 News.

“I Cant Recall” Is not a valid answer to the Victorian Police, but ok under Oath by Vic Government iFrame is not supported!

So the majority of Andrews’ cabinet are going to retire next election. No wonder they don’t give a stuff about covid failures and human rights breaches. Their indexed golden pensions are set for life.

Tapes solve the mystery of Victoria’s COVID hotel whodunit. All involved insist nobody knew who decided to use private security guards to run hotel quarantine – but it was all caught on a tape.

Australia’s inland rivers are the pulse of the outback. By 2070, they’ll be unrecognisable. Over the next 50 years, the arid zone – containing the areas of true desert – is projected to expand well into the Murray-Darling Basin and …

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#DictatorDan says masks are here to stay long term because “it’s something we can control”. Exactly. This is ALL about control. The virus is just an excuse.